Lake Evella



Gapuwiyak is on the shore of Lake Evella in north-east Arnhem Land, about 500 km east of Darwin and 120 km west of Nhulunbuy.  It is one of the Northern Territory's eastern most settlement.


The Population of Gapuwiyak and its surrounds in 2011 was approximately 874, of which 824 were indigenous (94 per cent).  In 2011, 40 per cent of Gapuwiyak's Indigenous population was younger than 20 years of age.


Djambarrpuyngu (a dialect of Yolngu Matha) is the main language in Gapuwiyak, spoken by 76 per cent of people.  Other languages include Ritharrngu and Dhalwangu.


Accommodation  Shire Accommodation

Store (Booking Agent)  08 8987 9107
Health Clinic  08 8987 9150
Police  08 8987 9318
Shire  08 8970 1103
Arts & Culture  08 8987 9110     Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts (Plus accommodation)