Milingimbi is one of the Crocodile Islands located between the Blyth and the Glyde Rivers and is separated from the mainland by a narrow channel.  It is approximately 500 km east of Darwin and 250 km west of Nhulunbuy.  Two thirds of the island is below high tide with the highest point on the island only a few metres above sea level.

Milingimbi is the only place in the Northern Territory where a 'sea Closure' applies under the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Act.  This closure extends seawards around Milingimbi for 2 km from the mean low water mark, and prohibits non-aboriginal people from entering and remaining in the area without permission.

Milingimbi is a traditional Aboriginal community with restricted access.  Permission to visit is required (by law) and can be made through the Northern Land Council directly or via the Milingimbi Council.  Total alcohol restrictions apply.


The population of Milingimbi and its surrounds in 2011 was approximately 1,081 of which 1,018 were Indigenous (94%).  In 2011, 41% of Milingimbi's Indigenous population was younger than 20 years of age.  This is just short of the proportion of the national Indigenous population that was aged under 20. 



Two of the main languages are Grupapungu and Djambarrpuyngu.  However, there are several other languages and dialects spoken in Milingimbi.  English is a second language for most aboriginal residents.


Milingimbi Art & Culture (08) 8987 9888

Accommodation           0488094597 Rulku Lodge

Store (Booking Agent)  Alpa (08) 8987 9901

Health Clinic                  (08) 8987 9903

Shire                               (08) 8970 1702